Instead of a detergent or cleaning solution, millions of tiny plastic (polyester and polymide) fibers in microfiber grab and sweep away dirt on a surface.

Attaching themselves to the pesky particles with electro-magnetic force, the fibers dislodge and carry away the dirt, leaving the surface clean naturally. Trapped in the microfiber cloth, the dirt is only released when you wash the cloth in hot water, which forces the fibers to uncurl and release the dirt. 

Although you can find a number of microfiber cloths on the market, the degree of effectiveness varies greatly from one cloth to the next—due in large part to size of the fibers. On average, microfiber cloth fibers range between 3 to 5 microns in diameter (10 to 50 times thinner than a human hair) and 0.3 denier (50 times lighter than the fiber in a pair of stockings). The fibers are smaller than pollen grains (5 to 10 microns) and red blood cells (10 to 30 microns), and about the same size as bacteria (1 to 5 microns), so they are actually antibacterial.

To clean your mitts just wash with mild detergent (with no fabric softeners) using hot water in your washing machine or your kitchen sink and rinse well.  Hang to dry.  They will be ready again to clean more smudges!

SmudgeAway microfiber cleaning mitts are the highest quality microfiber cloths available.