Twin sisters Laurie Keogh and Shellie Anderson finish each other’s sentences. They have a special bond and help each other out whenever possible. So when the idea for SmudgeAway was born, it’s no surprise the two partnered up to share the story of the mitts with the world. 

It happened in a way you’d likely never expect—pretty much while suspended in midair.

A wing-suit flier, Shellie finds freedom and inspiration jumping out of planes and other high places. It was on one of these jumps that she realized the need to have something handy and close by that she could use to clean her goggles. Because those are the kinds of views you don’t want obstructed by a little fog!

At the time, the only place she could store a cleaning cloth was inside her helmet, which made it quite awkward to use and involved removing her helmet and putting it back on. She needed something handy that could attach to her chest strap—not a neighbor’s shirt sleeve when packed into a plane planning a jump.

With the idea for the SmudgeAway microfiber cleaning mitts in her mind, Shellie turned to the person she knew could make it happen: her twin sister Laurie.  With Laurie's fierce determination, unstoppable drive, a lot of time and effort, and of course fun,  SmudgeAway became a reality that you can now hold in your hand!

Today, SmudgeAway microfiber cleaning mitts are used worldwide—both in the air and on the ground! Whether you’re cleaning your goggles at 13,000 feet or removing fingerprints from your laptop screen, SmudgeAway helps you see the world more clearly!


I believe deeply that we must live and live fully, consciously, gratefully, and happily. Dream, Imagine, and Fancy whatever you desire—then go live it!
— Shellie Anderson, co-founder, SmudgeAway