Interested in carrying SmudgeAway microfiber cleaning mitts at your business? 

We wholesale to retailers at reasonable prices, offering custom display stands at the register or merchandise clip strips for placement throughout your store. With a suggested retail price of $4.99, SmudgeAway mitts are the ideal impulse purchase at point of sale. Considering that eight out of every ten people wear glasses of some kind, and almost everyone today has a smartphone or other portable electronic device with a screen that requires cleaning, our product is ideal for nearly every consumer in every demographic!

For the large retailer or small, SmudgeAway offers fast and convenient service, including online reordering of any amount of mitts for resale.  We are an EDI Compliant company, and we want to learn how we can partner with your business. Contact us today to learn about becoming a SmudgeAway retailer today!



Colleges and universities, corporations, and special interest groups looking for an interesting branded product to give away SmudgeAway microfiber cleaning mitts! Able to be custom printed with your organization’s logo and any other brand-related imagery or messaging, the mitts can be ordered in quantities varying from a few dozen to tens of thousands. What better way to promote your company or institution than with a fun, useful product that people will use and love—and carry with them wherever they go!